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ANTECH Diagnostics® invests millions of dollars every year in quality control and assurance programs to ensure the most accurate diagnostic results. Our state-of-the-art equipment, tracking systems and lab environment are monitored and continuously improved on to deliver a level of care that veterinarians have come to expect from ANTECH Diagnostics . We oversee and guide veterinarians on all aspects of our laboratory system from proper specimen collection, to test request form completion, to the reporting of results. Acting as an extension of your veterinary business, we also provide our network of veterinarians with peer-to-peer consulting services at no additional charge.

As the industry evolves, so do technological advancements and knowledge. That is why we are always on the road toward improvement at ANTECH Diagnostics . We continuously strive for measurable growth through participation in such external programs as the Veterinary Laboratory Association, Veterinary Endocrinology Proficiency testing (EQUAS) and commercial reagent-based quality assurance programs. All of our lab technicians must demonstrate competency on all testing procedures before performing any assay. Our pathologists have pioneered and developed internet-based training programs that act as a complement to the formal education of our medical technicians.
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