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Pet Owner Education Tools

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ANTECH® provides in-depth practice enhancement materials for veterinary hospitals and their clients.  You will find a variety of pet owner marketing brochures, all designed to educate and provide clients with the right tools for better healthcare and a strong comprehension of client compliance.

From our Early Detection Program, we have both a general brochure and a cat specific brochure, a questionnaire, and a report card to help keep clients actively engaged in the pet care process.  We have two brochures from our Parasite Testing Program.  One focuses on information about intestinal parasites, while the other brochure elaborates on actionable steps the pet owner can take.

In addition, you will find client education tools that set the path for your personal medical directive and recommendations, like our blood analysis and testing guide.  We are also proud to include our new Therapeutic Drug Monitoring brochure.

Please take the time to browse through our inventory of materials, and you also have the option to download them for your veterinary practice use.

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