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It’s time to move your practice forward. ANTECH Diagnostics® created three distinct Programs to improve your clinics performance: Early Detection, Fecal Parasite Testing and Pre-Operative Care. These well designed programs benefit your practice, clients and their pets. What can you expect from ANTECH? Better medicine, better workflow and a better bottom line.

ANTECH’s Early Detection:
  Better Medicine
  • A proactive vs. reactive approach to medicine
  • Determining individual normal values for the patient
  • Comprehensive profiles based on age and local disease incidence

  • Better Workflow
  • Productive technicians and staff focused on client services and patient care
  • Educated, compliant clients visiting more than once a year 
  • Reinforced recommendations for your healthcare plan

  • Better Bottom Line
  • Increased annual revenue
  • Reduced laboratory costs
  • Differentiation from other practices

  • ANTECH’s Parasite Testing:
      Better Medicine
  • Quality assured testing accuracy
  • Well-trained technicians specializing in parasitology
  • Confidence that ALL intestinal parasites will be correctly identified

  • Better Workflow
  • Technicians and staff focused on education and importance of parasite control (Heartworm, Flea,Tick and GI Parasites)
  • Educated, compliant clients who recognize fecals as part of their parasite control responsibilities.

  • Better Bottom Line
  • Affordable Zinc Sulfate Centrifugal flotation testing
  • Significant increase in laboratory revenue
  • Best value when combined with Giardia (ELISA)

  • ANTECH’s Pre-Operative Care:

    Better Medicine
  • Pre-surgical examinations
  • 10 (ten) analyte chemistry profile, CBC, PT, PTT
  • Automated Pathologist review on abnormal results
  • State-of-Art diagnostic equipment with intra-run QC/QA

  • Better Workflow
  • Efficient surgery day
  • Productive technicians and staff concentrating on patients
  • Informed clients knowing what to expect prior to surgery

  • Better Bottom Line
  • Substantial savings compared to in-house testing
  • No loss of revenue due to rescheduled surgeries
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