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Customer Service
If you have questions regarding testing services/results, or have any general questions regarding your current account, please call the appropriate number below to speak to a Client Service Representative in your area:

ANTECH West 1-800-745-4725
ANTECH East 1-800-872-1001
ANTECH Canada 1-800-341-3440
ANTECH Test Express 1-888-397-8378

Contact Website Technical Support By E-Mail

New Clients
If you are interested in becoming an ANTECH Diagnostics® client, you can learn more by visiting Become an ANTECH Client. Or, you can contact us by email.

Investor Relations
If you are interested in investing in the nation’s leading provider of pet health care services, please visit VCA ANTECH’s Investor Relations Website.
Pet Owners
Please note that ANTECH Diagnostics caters exclusively to veterinarians. Because our reports must be interpreted by clinicians who have examined the patient personally, we are not able to discuss cases with individual pet owners.

ANTECH Diagnostics Corporate Headquarters

17672-B Cowan Avenue
Irvine, CA 92614
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