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Whether you are seeking a second opinion, need help with result interpretation, or are simply looking for guidance as to the next steps, our professional team of board-certified specialists are available to assist you.

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Professional Consultations
ANTECH Diagnostics provides our customers with the most comprehensive consulting services available. Our staff of over 120 board-certified veterinary specialists are available to compliment your expertise and patient care.  Most of these professional services are provided at no additional charge to our customers.  For more detailed information about our consultants, please visit our Professional Staff/Consultants page .

Diagnosis and treatment decisions are the ultimate responsibility of the attending veterinarian. Our entire liability for a consultation, whether based on warranty, contract, tort or otherwise, shall not exceed the amount you paid for such consultation. We accept no legal responsibility for the purposes for which you use our analysis, reports or other services. 

Please note that ANTECH Diagnostics caters exclusively to veterinarians. Because our reports must be interpreted by clinicians who have examined the patient personally, we are not able to discuss cases with individual pet owners.
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