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Community Involvement

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As a trusted and respected figure in the communities we serve, VCA ANTECH and ANTECH Diagnostics® have invested millions of dollars in providing new avenues for education and technology, creating a better tomorrow for our employees and their families, and improving the livelihood of local organizations and animal shelters. Giving back to the profession, veterinarians and surrounding communities that have made us a leader in pet care is deeply rooted in the corporate culture of VCA ANTECH.

Our Community of Employees
We strive to instill a sense of comfort with job security, upward mobility, quality healthcare and retirement plans so our employees can focus on serving our network of veterinarians, their patients and pets across the country. Maybe that is why we are home to hundreds of employees who have remained dedicated to our company for more than 10 years, some as many as 15, and some since the company started nearly 22 years ago.

Our Community of Veterinarians, Laboratories and Animal Hospitals

Fostering growth in the industry, VCA ANTECH® has helped pave the road for better veterinarians by providing continuous education for residents, and one of the largest intern and externship programs in the industry. We have put more than a half-billion dollars back into medical technology across the profession, raising the bar for veterinary diagnostics to give veterinarians the tools necessary to constantly improve the quality of patient care.

Our Community of People and Animals
Every year, VCA ANTECH has reinvested approximately $50 to $100 million back into surrounding communities through the ongoing support of senior citizens, the military, humane societies and animal shelters across the nation. Because companion animals are ingrained in our profession, we open our doors for free boarding during major crises, helping to rescue and treat abandoned and neglected animals while facilitating efforts to reunite lost pets with their owners.

In 2005 the founders of VCA ANTECH created the 501(c)(3) organization, VCA Charities, with a mission to improve the lives of pets and their families. The founders understood the need to help pets around the country, regardless of which hospital they go to. Through their programs, VCA Charities has helped thousands of pets and contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to other pet charities around the country. Since the launch of their first VCA Charities Pet Food Pantry in 2010, they have given out over 35,000lbs of pet food to low-income families. Their ViDAS sponsorship helps send doctors, technician and veterinary students to Mexico to perform spay and neuter clinics in neighborhoods that have never seen a veterinarian. VCA Charities understands the amazing work that other pet charities do around the country. With their Grant Application, VCA Charities helps support over 100 charities around the country by donating money and supplies. To learn more about the VCA Charities Pet Food Pantries, ViDAS Sponsorship, their Grant Application and all of their pet programs, visit their website.  To get an insider, up-to-date glimpse of the hard work VCA Charities does, check out their blog.
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