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December 2013December 2013
Focus on Endocrinology

  • Monitoring thyroid hormone levels in dogs on thyroid replacement therapy
  • Monitoring Methimazole Therapy
  • FIP Testing: Sifting through the confusion
  • ANTECH® Diagnostics Consultation Service Question of the Month
  • Going To The NAVC, Visit Us At Booth # 1639
August 2013August 2013
Focus on GI Diagnostics

  • Why Consider PCR First (Not Last) for Diarrheic Patients? - Interview with Marilyn Mikiciuk, DVM, DACVIM
  • Campylobacter infection sickens DVM and his dog - A cautionary tale regarding zoonotic risk
  • Clinical Approach to Diagnosis for Vomiting - Suggested testing workflows for acute and chronic cases
  • In Brief: Promising Treatment for Dry Form FIP Emerges
  • Practical Tip: Best Samples for Fungal/Bacterial Skin Cultures
June 2013June 2013
Focus on Vector Borne Disease Testing

  • Increasing prevalence of vector borne disease predicted - Highlights from CAPC 2013 forecast
  • Single vs. multi-peptide Lyme testing - When does more information offer a diagnostic advantage?
  • Popular misconceptions about PCR - Make sure you and your colleagues aren’t mistaken!
  • Which comes first: the Lyme test or UA? - Why experts argue for UA regardless of Lyme status
March 2013March 2013
Focus on Dermatopathology

  • Get familiar with ANTECH’s DermPath consult service - Dual review by boarded specialists offers advantages 
  • Skin biopsy do’s & don’ts - Improve your diagnostic yield with 5 simple rules! 
  • Make the most of your DermPath consult - Three essential steps for a rewarding result 
  • Journal update: Risk factor for MRSP discovered - Highlights from recent JAVMA article by JS Weese et al.
January 2013January 2013
Focus on Telemedicine in Practice

  • Before & After Telemedicine: New workflow, new standard of care
  • Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck: Make the most of your telemedicine relationships
  • Three Imaging Conundrums: Cases highlight value of telemedicine referrals
  • New AccuPlex®4 Canine Wellness Profiles: Expanded Junior and Senior menu now available
October 2012October 2012
Focus on Adrenal Disease Diagnostics

  • Sorting Out the Adrenal Function Testing Landscape: Q&A with Rhett Nichols, DVM, DACVIM
  • How to Extend Your Supply of Cortrosyn®: Mark E. Peterson, DVM, DACVIM, Animal Endocrine Clinic
  • The Use of Imaging in Cushing’s Syndrome: Bill Gross, DVM, MS, DACVR
  • Avian/Exotic Updates: New Avian profiles and Chlamydiosis test, plus Chlamydophila screening update and more!
August 2012August 2012
Focus on Renal Disease Diagnostics

  • Role of Quantitative MA Testing in Everyday Practice
  • Interview with Brenda Harai, DVM, MS, DACVIM ANTECH Diagnostics Internal Medicine Consultant
  • Urinalysis Revisited: Reminders for Optimal UA & Urine Culture Submissions
  • Why Send Out your UAs? The Answer Lies in the Sediment
  • Client Alert! ProZinc Insulin Back-Ordered
June 2012June 2012
Focus on Lyme Detection

  • Lyme Testing & Treatment Protocol - ANTECH® guidelines incorporating AccuPlex®4
  • Quant C6® vs. AccuPlex®4: What’s the Difference? By Joe Leeth, DVM, VP, ANTECH Diagnostics
  • Your Favorite AccuPlex®4 Questions
  • Seeking 500 DVMs! Invest 3 minutes and receive exclusive report!
  • Note on Urine Cultures: Does Transportation Affect Urine Bacterial Viability?
April 2012April 2012
Focus on Leptospirosis

  • FastPanel® PCR Canine Leptospirosis Profile Now Available
  • Interview with George Moore of Purdue University: Common Questions about Canine Leptospirosis
  • Rule-Outs for Renal and Hepatic Disease
  • ANTECH® Leptospirosis Testing Do’s & Don’ts!
February 2012February 2012
Special Issue: Introducing AccuPlex™4

  • Q&A on AccuPlex4
  • Screening Conundrums
  • ANTECH-Ed at WVC 2012
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