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ANTECH Diagnostics® started in 1988.  VCA ANTECH, Inc. purchased their first small diagnostic laboratory in West Los Angeles.  Shortly after learning the day to day activities with their first laboratory, we partnered with Dr. Lon Rich and Professional Animal Laboratories (PAL) in Southern California.  During the years of 1988 to 1995 ANTECH Diagnostics grew to a national company serving the mid west and north east regions.  Today ANTECH Diagnostics has over 50 diagnostic locations throughout the United States and Canada.  Since day one, we focused on quality care and today we still continue to invest millions into equipment, technology, diagnostic training and Quality Assurance and Control.

More About The Beginning

VCA ANTECH, Inc. first began its journey in 1987 with the purchase of its first animal hospital at the West Los Angeles Veterinary Medical Group in California. Founded under the name “Veterinary Centers for America,” our mission was simple: become a leader in the industry by providing the highest quality veterinary care for pets across the country while contributing to the advancement of veterinary medicine. Twenty-two years after we have revolutionized the industry, that mission is still our key motivator.  Over the years, we have remained committed to never compromising the way veterinarians practice medicine or the passion they bring to the profession. Instead we have prospered by shouldering a sense of expertise, automation and educational support that has helped nurture the industry’s growth.

Moving Forward
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Today, VCA ANTECH® is the largest pet provider in the country, with a family of nearly 530 hospitals in 42 states. ANTECH Diagnostics has tapped into this extensive network of experts from all over the world and a constant exchange of knowledge as the world’s largest provider of post-graduate training programs, to gain a superior edge on the latest advancements in animal care. From laboratory testing to protocols to development, unique access to these resources, experience and esteemed customer service lends to our ability to provide the best diagnostics to veterinarians.
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