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ANTECH Diagnostics and Imaging is your premier diagnostics partner. You can always expect the best diagnostic technology and board-certified specialists at your side. We’re committed to innovation and developing cutting-edge services that touch the client in a new way so your practice can thrive.


Healthtracks makes it easier for you to communicate laboratory results to your clients – right to their phone! It’s free to you and your client.

Forget wasting hours playing phone and email tag. Healthtracks lets you personalize each report to help explain what results mean with your recommendations. Expect increased compliance and a bond that continues beyond the visit.

To sign up your practice for free, go to

Clients see a text message from you letting them know their pet’s laboratory results are in. We never use your personal cell number.

A personalized welcome message from you is the first thing clients see.

Color-coded bars delineate each section of the laboratory results like Chemistry or Hematology.

Within each category, a list of all tests conducted are shown. It helps answer the question, “What tests did I pay for?”

Clients can click on a test to learn more about it and why it’s important. If there’s a concern, you can write an explanation so there’s no room for interpretation.

Let your clients know you’re here for them.

What your client sees.


We are proud to officially launch Healthtracks at WVC.

Please join us, and our special guest Targon, to help us celebrate the launch of Healthtracks! Over cocktails and small bites, learn more about Healthtracks and get your photo taken with Targon.

Cocktail Reception: Tuesday, February 19th
Booth #1118

Targon, Dogue De Bordeaux

doctorVet + Therapy Laser

Check out the all new doctorVet+ therapy laser at WVC Booth #1118.

A first of its kind, doctorVet+ laser offers a fully integrated solution into your practice for better patient care and quality outcomes.